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We want your dog's transition to We Feed Raw to go as smoothly as possible, so we've put together this guide with tips, tricks, toppers, and testimonials to assist you.

If you have problems or questions not addressed on this page, feel free to email hello@wefeedraw.com so we can help your pup have a successful transition.

What Are the Basics of Transitioning to Raw?

If you ordered a meal plan, you should have been emailed specific instructions about how to transition and portion the food over a 10-day period. The key to transitioning a dog from one food to another is to do it slowly. Sudden, significant changes to a dog's diet can upset their digestive system, and a picky eater may turn up their nose at a foreign food all by itself.

Generally speaking, you'll want to transition over a 10-day period, but some dogs may need more or less time to adjust to the new food. Eventually, patience and the perfect toppers should help your dog slide smoothly into their new, healthier raw diet.

How Do I Transition Over 10 Days?

These percentages can be adjusted if you only intend to give We Feed Raw as a base or topper for other food, but based on switching to a fully raw diet, the transition should look like this:

Days 1-3

Days 4-6

Days 7-9

Days 10

Feed 25% We Feed Raw, 75% of their old food.

Feed 50% We Feed Raw, 50% of their old food.

Feed 75% We Feed Raw, 25% of their old food.

Feed 100% We Feed Raw.

What if My Dog Has Digestive Issues?

Some dogs can eat something new every day without any tummy troubles, while others need to have new foods introduced to them slowly or they’ll experience loose stools. If your dog is the latter type, make sure you spend at least 10 days transitioning them to the new raw food.

Another great tip for soothing stomachs is to add some canned pumpkin to your dog’s diet before, during, and after the transition. Pumpkin puree is an excellent source of fiber that both helps firm up soft stools and prevents constipation. About one to two teaspoons of pumpkin puree per 10 pounds of your dog’s body weight should help them transition from kibble to raw.

What Do I Do if I Have a Picky Pup?

While many dogs love We Feed Raw right from the start, some dogs are thrown off because it doesn’t have the same sprayed-on aroma and artificial flavors as the kibble they’re used to.

PhD Animal Nutritionist Dr. Richard Patton had this to say about picky eaters: “In many ways, our pets are just like us. Stuck in old habits, they refuse new foods they actually could quickly learn to love. Often, without us even knowing it, our dogs train us. If they ignore the food we offer, we promptly go buy something else we hope they'll like better. If at first they refuse what you provide, remove it and try again in a few hours. Given no other food option, be assured it will eventually be eaten. There is no sauce for the appetite like hunger.”

“There is no sauce for the appetite like hunger.”

Dr. Richard Patton

Food is a treat

Different protein

Tasty toppers

Pretend the food is a treat or a “forbidden food” to make it seem more appealing.

We Feed Raw has 6 proteins 

to choose from.

Add tasty toppers to the food to make it even more appealing.


Tough love


Feed with confidence by walking away rather than staring at your dog while they eat. A change in your behavior could make your dog wary of the new food. 

(You would probably hesitate to eat, too, 

if somebody plopped a bowl of unfamiliar food in front of you and then stared at you, waiting to watch you eat it!)

Change the temperature by lightly searing the outside of the patty (not cooking it through), adding hot water, or mixing in warmed-up bone, beef, or chicken broth.

Use tough love by only feeding the new food and not giving your pup any treats 

or other food between meals. Rather than starve itself, your dog will learn to eat what they’re given.

What Toppers Do You Recommend?

While you don't need to add anything to your dog's WFR meals to ensure they're getting all of the nutrients they need to thrive, you can use toppers to help your dog’s stomach adjust, entice picky eaters, or add specific nutrients to your dog’s diet. Here are some of our favorite toppers with explanations about what makes them so great from Gussy’s Gut founder Rob Ryan.

Dr. Billinghurst added: “For the few dogs where palatability is an issue, then a topper of something smelly like Gussy’s Gut will generally do the trick.”

Raw Farm Kefir for Pets

Gussy's Gut 19-Superfoods Topper

Raw Farm Kefir offers amazing palatability and digestive support. Your dog's eyes will bug out when you mix this in with their food. It's as if they can smell the probiotics and enzymes. You can purchase Raw Farm Kefir from your local Sprouts store.

If your dog loved the taste of START'r and had good bowel movements, you may want to continue with Gussy's Gut, which provides organic 100% whole superfood nutrition, greens, healthy gut, and aging support in each one-teaspoon serving. It delivers over 180 powerful nutrients from 19 superfoods that are hard to get from any supplements.

What's amazing is that since it’s made from whole foods, dogs will be able to take exactly what they need, unlike synthetic supplements which are harder for your dog to handle when they have too much of a nutrient. Customers report improved stool, regularity, and appetite; reduction in gas; decreased anxiety; and improved mood as well as energy and overall joy for life.

Osso Good Life Pet Broth

Osso offers amazing hydration for your dog, trace and hard-to-absorb minerals, electrolytes, and joint-supporting nutrients—not to mention, dogs LOVE it! Depending on the recipe, it also offers the benefits of the vegetables simmering in it. 

We recommend bone broths simmered for at least 12 hours. The health benefits of the marrow and bone come out in the broth and are able to be consumed by your dog in a way they cannot get from chewing on bones.

Platos Baltic Herring Treats

The motto for dogs is...the stinkier, the better! You can cut or crush Platos Baltic Herring Treats over your dog's food or mix them in. You can use them for a training treat, too. It also adds an amazing natural source of omega-3s!

Fera Pet Organics Fish Oil

This is no ordinary fish oil for dogs. Sustainably sourced from Iceland's clean and pristine waters, Fera Pet Organics Fish Oil for dogs and cats is made from sustainable wild-caught sardines, anchovies, herring, and mackerel.

It is non-GMO and contains a valuable 900mg EPA and 600mg DHA per teaspoon! So, a little goes a long way nutritionally. It supports brain, immune, skin, joint, and musculoskeletal health. You can also feel good knowing it is third-party tested and distilled to be free of harmful toxins and heavy metals. And your dog will looooove it mixed into their WFR!

What's the easiest way to open and portion the meal packets?

5 lb Patties

6 oz Patties

16 oz Patties

10 pieces (8 oz chunks)

6 pieces(1 oz chunks)

8 pieces (2 oz chunks)

How Long Will the Food Stay Fresh?

Our meals will stay good in your freezer in their original packaging for up to 6 months. Once you move them to your fridge, they'll stay fresh for about 4 days.

How Do I Thaw the Packaging?

Thaw the 16 oz or 6 oz patties in your fridge overnight. Forgot to plan ahead? For quicker defrosting, submerge the patties (in their original packaging) in a bowl of cool water for 25-30 minutes.

What Do Others Say About Transitioning Their Dogs to WFR?

If you’re struggling with the transition, take heart in these testimonials from customers just like you who are so glad they stuck with it to provide their pups with the benefits of We Feed Raw.




"My dog wasn't sure about WFR at the beginning because he's only had kibble his whole life and was very timid around it at first. But after about 2 days he started whining at his bowl before mealtime because he couldn't contain his excitement. He absolutely loves the food and has WAY more energy. Never going back to kibble again!"

"When I first rescued my dog, he was eating a low-end kibble, and I knew I wanted to switch him to a raw diet ASAP. At first, he was hesitant about his new raw meals, so I followed the tips and tricks We Feed Raw suggested—warmed up the food and added tasty toppers: goat's milk, canned sardines in water, and pumpkin. That did the trick! After about 10 days, he was no longer eating any kibble and started LOVING his new raw meals. Now he is a happy, healthy, thriving, raw-fed dog."

"My adopted senior dog had been fed kibble for the first 9 years of her life and was prone to tummy trouble even before the switch. Although she had some loose stools during the transition process, her poops are now reliably small, firm, and less frequent. She's super healthy now, including her teeth, and she passed her recent annual exam with flying colors!"

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